Human Anatomy Course and Physiology Course With Lessons, Quiz and 3d Drawings

Human Anatomy refers to the study of organs and body structures such as bones, muscles, or nerves that form a system with specific functions. Physiology on the other hand is focused on how these systems work together in order to maintain life.

Anatomy and Physiology are different from one another and it’s important for students to learn both subjects if they want to pursue careers in healthcare fields like nursing or medicine. Both are best understood when studied together because of the correlation between the two. That is why Dr. James came up with Human Anatomy and Physiology course which is considered to be the most complete ultimate home study course in the Industry.

What you get inside Human Anatomy Course?

The complete Human Anatomy and Physiology course have 5 System components which are:

1) Human Anatomy and Physiology course which is prepared based on years of research containing hundreds of topics having thousands of pages in course material, illustrative diagrams, lessons, quizzes, tests and solutions.

2) Drug Dosage, Therapy & Pharmacology is considered as a biomedical goldmine that covers cardiovascular and autonomic, drugs affecting the central nervous system, drugs to prevent and cure infections, cardia drugs, Lymphatic systems and other biomedical science material.

3) Nursing and Paramedics Masterclass includes all the study material, practice tests, lessons required to pass the Nursing or Paramedics training course.

4) Insider Research material which is educational and reference tool meant for researchers, practitioners, students, and for anyone in paramedics or nursing industry.

5) Detailed and Labelled Illustration which were only accessible to medical professionals earlier. Includes detailed illustration and in-depth lessons for perfect understanding.

A brief about Main Component: Human Anatomy and Physiology Course

The first and main component of this course is Human Anatomy and Physiology course which includes study material, lessons, quiz and answers. This module has over 3000 pages that includes full illustrations. These are the lessons you will get in this component:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the fundamental Human Physiology
  • Lesson 1: Miscellaneous tissues and physiology of Cells
  • Lesson 1: Envelopes of the Body
  • Lesson 2: Skeletal System
  • Lesson 3: Actions of Muscles and Physiology
  • Lesson 4: Human Digestive Systems
  • Lesson 5: Breathing and Human Respiratory systems
  • Lesson 6: Human Urinary Systems
  • Lesson 7: Reproductive Systems
  • Lesson 8: Circulatory systems and Cardiovascular
  • Lesson 9: Endocrine System
  • Lesson 10: The nervous system of Human

Download Best Selling Illustrated 3000+ Pages Human Anatomy Course 2022

The best way to learn and understand Human Anatomy is by studying diagrams and anatomical images with the manuals. Labeled Illustrations give a lot more clarity and practical understanding. Quizzes after each lesson help to test the understanding of the topic and enhances retention. Here are 5 System Components you get inside the course:

  1. Human Anatomy and Physiology course
  2. Drug Dosage, Therapy & Pharmacology
  3. Nursing and Paramedics Masterclass
  4. Insider Research material
  5. Detailed and Labelled Illustration

Who can benefit from this course?

Human Anatomy and Physiology is ideal for those who are planning a career in anatomy and physiology or medicine or other related fields. But it can also be a useful subject for anyone hoping to gain more knowledge about the human body. Human Anatomy course is typically needed by

  1. Educators and the students
  2. Medical practitioner and Specialist 
  3.  Sports Professional and Trainers
  4. Researchers and Anatomist
  5. Nurse and Paramedics 
  6. Chiropractor and Therapist 

About The Author Of Human Anatomy Course

Human Anatomy Course is created by Dr. James Ross which was typically sold to medical professionals only. He holds P.H.D in Integrative Physiology and has been teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology for over 25 years.

Dr. Ross was a nominee in the poster prize at the Neuroendocrine Society annual conference held on 15th and 16th September 2008 at the University of Bristol. He is also the founder of Paramedics and Nurses Training school “InnerHealth” situated in Pennsylvania.

Since 1996, Dr. Ross is helping thousands of students, doctors, and practitioners to learn and master complex concepts of Human Anatomy with ease.

Why you should choose Dr. James Human Anatomy Course?

  • An in-depth analysis of Anatomy and Physiology concepts.
  • James Ross is a P.H.D and has vast experience in anatomy and physiology.
  • Detailed Illustrations will help you learn easily and quickly
  • Best For Medical Students, Practitioners, Anatomists, Educators, Sports Trainers, Injury Law Attorneys, Chiropractors, Therapists, Nurses, and Paramedics
  • Additional Courses to master Pharmacology, Drug Dosage, Nursing, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (EMT-B).
  • Each Lesson Ends With Key Facts, Revision Tests, Quizzes + Solutions To Reinforce Learning and Pinpoint Weaknesses
  • The course has already helped thousands of students worldwide and has received a lot of positive reviews.
  • Course is covered by a 100% satisfaction refund policy. 

Human Anatomy Course 2022

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I am Frank Howard, this is a testimonial for James Human Anatomy course. Short of words to tell how much this course has helped me passing my EMT-Basic certification exam. The modules and quizzes have boosted by knowledge. Great stuff!
Frank Howard
Rescue Paramedic Grampian, PA
Tbh, at first I was very skeptical. But just after going through first component in the membership area, I got what I've been missing out. The diagrams and intricate details of the human anatomy is already worth much more than the entire course. Highly recommended!
Uday Lakshman
Local Educator Brighton, MA
I am still downloading the material. I would say the size and detail is amazing for this cost. On the basis of preliminary readings, would say its a complete human anatomy course and no need to refer other any other guide. Definitely worth every penny, overall highly recommended!
Man who used CPC Guide
John White