14 Jobs that rely on Anatomy and Physiology

For those who are interested in working with this subject, there are several Anatomy and Physiology jobs that one can take, from teaching to research. And the different ways they can deal with Human anatomy and physiology are diverse. See our top picks for the jobs involving Anatomy and Physiology you can get!

University professor

If you want to start your career on the right foot. Teaching at a university is a good place to do just that. Though it may be hard work (and stressful). It still has its perks such as being able to learn alongside bright students as well as great colleagues. This job also allows plenty of time for research on your own or with other professors in the same field which will benefit you greatly.

Medical doctor

Pursuing a medical degree is one of the most popular options in this field. But it is arguably not any easier than teaching at a university. You must complete many years of education and training before being considered for a job as a doctor. However, as we all know, doctors make good money and are respected greatly by society.

Physical therapist

Another great option for someone who is looking for an Anatomy and Physiology job is to become a physical therapy assistant (PTA). These professionals help patients with mobility issues due to injuries; both acute and chronic. They are responsible for making sure that their patient can perform normal functions such as walking or climbing without pain or difficulty. You will need to obtain your PTA certification through the association of PTA’s as well as pass state testing.

Medical equipment repairer

If you are not sure whether or not you want to be a university professor, doctor, or physical therapist assistant; the next best option is to become an expert in repairing all of the complicated machinery that deals with human anatomy and physiology! This job can be quite lucrative as there is always a need for skilled technicians who know how to repair broken-down machines.

Emergency medicine technician

We can all agree that being a paramedic is one of the most difficult jobs around. However, it can also be extremely rewarding. These professionals deal with patients who have experienced trauma such as car accidents, shootings. etc.; and their main goal is to stabilize the patient in order to bring them to the hospital for further treatment. This job requires you to complete an associate’s degree program as well as passing state exams.


If you are truly fascinated with human anatomy and physiology then becoming a scientist who studies anatomy is another great option. These professionals look at things like development genetics, evolution, disease processes, and neural circuits which can all be found within anatomical structures of the body!

Autopsy technician

Sometimes when we have a dead person whose family requests that their death be looked into; they will want more information about why it happened or what happened during their last moments on earth before they died. That is where careers in autopsy assisting come in handy! These technicians perform autopsies to make sure that the deceased person’s body was not poisoned or otherwise tampered with.

Trauma surgeon

Though there is no need for surgery doctor jobs in every hospital. We can all agree that these careers are extremely important and much needed! doctors who specialize in this field treat critical wounds caused by accidents such as shootings; stabs; automobile crashes; etc. you will need to have a medical degree before applying for a job on this level but it is well worth it!

Biomedical Engineer

If you like numbers and charts then becoming a biomedical engineer may be the best fit for you. These professionals work with human anatomy and physiology by using scientific principles to solve problems that would normally be handled by doctors and medical professionals. I think everyone would agree that with all of the new technology there has been over the years. These kinds of careers are a blessing!

Emergency Medical Responder (EMT)

Another career for someone who is interested in physical therapy type work is becoming an Emergency Medical Responder or EMT. These individuals are responsible for transporting patients from one location to the other under adverse conditions; such as when their car flips over or they have experienced a heart attack during a business meeting.

Registered Nurse

Also known as “RN”. This title refers to anyone who is extensively in human anatomy and physiology job but who does not necessarily have a P.H.D or MD behind their name. Registered Nurse’s work is to attend patients in hospitals who need immediate medical care.

Physician Assistant

If you are interested in becoming a P.H.D but have not yet gotten into an accredited institution of higher learning; then the next best thing is to become a physician assistant (PA). These professionals are highly qualified and trained just like doctors but also have careers that deal more closely with human anatomy and physiology!

Forensic Science Technician

As we all know, there are plenty of television shows out right now that involve police officers dealing with murder victims. It is no wonder why people would want to get into this kind of field because it can be extremely interesting solving crimes and determining how certain cases were carried out. Those who specialize in these types of careers are known as forensic science technicians and they use their knowledge in anatomy and physiology to help solve crimes.

Physical Therapist Assistant

These individuals work alongside physical therapists; helping with rehabilitation for injured patients who have been treated for human anatomy or physiological problems. They will need a degree from an accredited institution before applying for jobs in this field but it is worth it!

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